Leadership Team

Chely Wright
Chely WrightFounder
Chely Wright has been a strong advocate for the LGBT community since coming out in 2009. She is an award-winning country singer, author, and subject of an Emmy-nominated documentary film, “Wish Me Away”. Chely is the founder of both the nonprofit organization LIKEME® and the LIKEME Lighthouse®, which opened its doors as Kansas City’s LGBT community center in March 2010.
Felicia Kyle
Felicia KyleDirector of Operations
Felicia Kyle, the director of operations for the LIKEME Lighthouse®, has been involved as a volunteer with the center since 2011. Among her many duties has been the staffing of the nonprofit center through training and supervising all the other volunteers.
Char Daniels
Char DanielsExecutive Director
Char Daniels, the aunt of country singer Chely Wright, is the Treasurer of LIKEME Lighthouse®. As the Executive Director of Kansas City’s community center for six years (2010-2016), she was key to conceiving, designing, opening, and running the center.

Board Members, 2015-2016

Felicia Kyle, President
Kirk Nelson, Vice-President
Toni Madeira, Treasurer
Lora Ceperley, Secretary

Cheryl Aufdemberge
Dana Buckner
Darin Challacombe
Jennifer Lewis
David Lopez
Pamela Williams
Alice Wilson
Allen Wilson
Bruce Winter
Ryan Zeller